No matter the weather Hotel Warszawa SPA&Resort in Augustow is a perfect destination for a relaxing stay by Necko lake in Augustow’s forest surroundings. Kayaking through Rospuda river, going on a cycling trip on Green Velo tracks or relaxing in our SPA -these are only a few attractions that we have to offer tokeep the boredom away.

  • Augustów - Royal Town
    Legends surround the establishment of the town, and one of them refers to the meetings between King Sigismund Augustus and Barbara Radziwiłłówna in the wilderness forests near the Nettę River. In commemoration of those encounters, the king ordered the founding of a town named after him... Read more
  • Trip to Vilnius - Trakai 
    Vilnius - the capital of Lithuania, is located just over 200 kilometers from Augustów. This picturesque city, situated on the banks of the Nemunas River, enchants tourists with its old town, historic tenements, and narrow cobbled streets. Near Vilnius, by Lake Galve, lies the town of Trakai. It attracts tourists with its beautiful castle located on an island, making it one of the most characteristic places in Lithuania... Read more
  • Suwałki Region
    Few regions in Poland can boast such a wealth of landscapes and cultures as Suwałki Region. This fairytale land is often associated with the Polish "cold pole." It is located in the heart of Poland's Green Lungs... Read more
  • Augustów Lakes
    Augustów is often called the "water capital" of Poland. The city is surrounded by 9 lakes: Sajno, Necko, Białe, Rospuda, Studzieniczne, and several smaller ones, making it a favorite destination for water sports enthusiasts.... Read more
  • Augustów Canal
    The Augustów Canal is a unique water engineering work from the first half of the 19th century on a European scale. It connects the tributaries of the Vistula River, namely the Narew and Biebrza, with the Nemunas... Read more
  • Dowspuda. Pac Palace
    The saying "Wart Pac pałaca, a pałac Paca" is related to the once luxurious palace located just about 20 km from Augustów in Dowspuda ... Read more
  • Wigry National Park
    Wigry National Park is the kingdom of beavers. Not without reason, this animal is a symbol of one of the largest national parks in Poland... Read more
  • Stańczyki Bridges
    The highest railway bridges in Poland are located in the small village of Stańczyki, on the border of Suwałki Region and Masuria.. Read more
  • Three-Country Border Point
    In the village of Bolcie near Wiżajny, there is a point where the borders of three countries meet: Poland, Lithuania, and Russia (Kaliningrad Oblast).. Read more
  • Fairy Tale Trail of Suwałki Region
    There are many tourist trails showcasing the beauty of the landscape in Suwałki Region. However, among them, there is one exceptional trail - the Fairy Tale Trail of Suwałki Region... Read more

by the lake

Hotel Warszawa
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