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When we hear about Augustów, many of us start humming the song "August nights sleeping along the shores...". It is here, on the shores of Lake Necko, that the **** Warszawa SPA & Resort Hotel is located. 

The picturesque location by the lake in the midst of nature is the perfect place for your relaxation. The pristine areas of Suwałki, numerous hiking and cycling trails, and well-developed water infrastructure encourage you to actively explore the most beautiful aspects of this region. 
Comfortably equipped and air-conditioned rooms with views of the lake and pine forest will allow you to relax away from the hustle and bustle of the city. 
Numerous amenities for families with children will make your family stay incredibly pleasant and successful, and you can also bring your pet along. 
In the glassed Pinarbo Restaurant, you can admire the surrounding greenery and the lake, while the excellent menu based on high-quality regional products will satisfy your taste buds. Atrium Trattoria & Bar invites you to intimate gatherings over aromatic coffee with your loved ones, and the terrace of Przystań Zdrojowa 1 is the perfect place to enjoy meals while admiring the panorama of Lake Necko. To create the perfect conditions for complete relaxation and comprehensive rejuvenation, we offer you a spa with a modern pool area. Regardless of the weather and the time of year, you will be able to enjoy world-class massages and beauty treatments.

You might wonder why "Warszawa"? 

The name of our hotel is a sentimental reference to the Warszawa car, produced by the Fabryka Samochodów Osobowych (Passenger Car Factory), which was the first owner of the facility. In front of the entrance, there is a historic model of this beautiful car from 1963, with which you can embark on an unforgettable ride around Augustów

For most people, Augustów is associated with the Masurian region, but despite its proximity to this area, this beautiful royal town is located in the Augustów Upland in the Mazursko-Podlaskie Land in the Lithuanian Lakeland. Augustów was founded in 1550, and it received Magdeburg rights on May 17, 1557, from King Sigismund Augustus, who, according to legend, wanted to commemorate his first date with Barbara Radziwiłłówna in this way. Professional service and a unique, friendly atmosphere in our hotel have been creating a place full of hospitality for years, where you will discover true relaxation in a new dimension.



We are pleased to inform you that our facility has received a recommendation from MPR - Bicycle-Friendly Places on the Eastern Green Velo Bicycle Trail.




The hotel received funding for the project under Measure 1.5 - Working Capital Grants of the Eastern Poland Operational Program 2014-2020.


by the lake

Hotel Warszawa
ul. Zdrojowa 1, 16-300 Augustów


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